Think Your Own Thoughts, Trust in the Truth

True Happiness….

Malcom Gladwell

“In embracing the diversity of human beings, we will find a sure way to true happiness”, Malcom Gladwell.

Do you believe as Malcom believes? Step outside yourself for a moment and sincerely ask and answer that question….for yourself. Think your own thoughts….not those of others…how do you feel about the diversity that continues to proliferate in our world…in our country…in our towns…in our own families? Is it better to fight against diversity or embrace it?

When we were a young couple transplanted from the rural Midwest and living in idyllic Orange County California, a stones throw from Huntington Beach, we bought our first house…1982….in Fountain Valley…with a 17.25% interest rate loan…a foreclosure….we were young (24) and impetuous…and naive. Next door lived two middle aged women…one a doctor at the local community hospital where my wife worked….the other in managerial sales. I, being the gallant gentleman whom my parents reared me to be, was forever in their support doing manly type chores of which they were either incapable of tackling. I felt useful…contributory…in support of others as I was taught. We became friends and enjoyed each others company.

On one of SoCal’s typically temperate sun drenched Autumn days, I was repairing an item in their house and noticed something peculiar….it seemed only one of their 3 bedrooms was in use….the master…the others were neatly furnished…tidy…unmistakably not lived in…I was confused. I went home and discussed this with my bride…and as we looked at one another with bewilderment, we concluded “that’s really weird…perhaps they are homosexual”. Lo and behold, our parents were again right…we had moved to the land of iniquity….of fruits and nuts…we had met our first gay person….check that, gay couple…who were happy and normal…and our friends. That day our friendship grew exponentially as we were able to expand our horizons…learn…accept…support…love…thanks and due to the diversity.

We are not the same….you and me…except that we are both human…we are black and white…conservative and liberal…Christian and Muslim…rich and poor…educated and simple…white and blue collared…jock and thespian….extrovert and introvert…hetero and homo sexual…short and tall…young and old…yin and yang. And all of these differences, along with the countless others, combine to create a magnificent tapestry of vibrant colors beyond description….one fabric…the human fabric. Without each other, the fabric will become tattered, tear, and be rendered useless….ruined.

Let’s get on board with Malcom and embrace the diversity of human beings…and in so doing. find a sure way to true happiness…

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  1. Brenda

    I think if we TRULY, GENUINELY, embrace diverse humanity, treating EVERYONE ( red, yellow, black, and white, THEY are precious in HIS sight) as uniquely as they are, we can begin to heal. I see so much diversity every day as most of us do and sometimes I have to check myself and say….”this human being needs to be treated like an individual who has a heart and a soul just as I do and has has trials and tribulations I know nothing about.” So that golden rule of treating others as you would want others to treat you comes to mind. If we want people to embrace our differences, our shortcomings , we MUST do the same.

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