“I am not crazy…..


….my mother had me tested” quips Sheldon Cooper, the wacky theoretical physicist on TV’s “The Big Bang Theory” when anyone questions his sanity. Admittedly, I AM NOT a TV aficionado, but when I watch TV, it is generally reruns of this hilarious situational comedy. Why do I watch you ask? I would be a liar if I didn’t divulge that I believe Penny is SMOKIN HAWT, but I mostly watch in true appreciation for how Sheldon views and reacts to the world around him.

Let’s examine a few of his quirkiest habits:

Roommate and relationship agreements – Sheldon has very detailed written agreements for both Leonard, his roommate, and Amy, his significant other. Some would say that is CRAZY behavior….you can’t reduce your relationships to written signed agreements!! BALDERDASH I SAY!! One of the Four Agreements as written by Don Miguel Ruiz (buy the book and read it over and over and over again) is “Don’t Make Assumptions”…clarify….ask questions….DO NOT assume you know what the other is thinking. I suggest nearly all marriages would be healthier AND therefore happier and longer lasting if they were based on a written, living, breathing relationship agreement….aren’t most marital arguments (aka differences of opinion) about one person not living up to the expectations of the other?

Sarcasm (my achilles heel) – Sheldon simply doesn’t get sarcasm….reason being he tells the truth all of the time without even considering offering a sarcastic remark, except for the occasional ‘bazinga”…..and as a result, he has difficulty recognizing when someone else is being sarcastic. Much to the chagrin of the affected others, he ALWAYS tells the truth. Although often it seems “inappropriate” or “ill timed”, the result always puts the issue on the table to be dealt with openly and honestly. The few moments of uncomfortability are well worth the parties involved chopping at the root rather than the vine. Again I fall back on Don Miguel Ruiz whose Toltec wisdom counsels us to “Be Impeccable  With Our Word”. What would be the result of you and I being impeccable with our word….NO gossiping….NO embellishing the truth…telling the absolute truth, even when it might sting a bit? Facing controversial issues head on rather than side stepping? Would you rather perpetuate a lie? How has that worked for you so far in this life?

I see Sheldon as living a simplistic life….a minimalistic life….a contented life….a life worthy of emulating….enjoying honest relationships….honest communication…never concerned about how others might think about him (another Ruizism “Don’t Take Anything Personally”)….in a word, childlike….an adult, acting and reacting childlike, which is not the same as an adult acting like a child. Don’t we all long to see the world in a childlike way….enjoying the simpler things….smiling when we are happy….crying when we are sad….laughing….singing even when others can hear….eating when we are hungry….giving hugs uncontrollably, regardless of race, religion, social status, or sexual orientation….having someone sing “soft kitty” to us when we are not feeling well….having fun within whatever situation life hands us….loving unconditionally….

Try it….I think you will like it….I dare you…..

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