Think Your Own Thoughts, Trust in the Truth

Alone with my thoughts…


It’s never more quiet than the early morn….no hustle or bustle….only stillness….the softness of a new day breaking beckons….the mind is clear….the body rested….the unknown that lies ahead is a carrot on a stick….how my heart loves ushering in a new day full of wonder and possibility….devoid, if even for the briefest of moments, of the worry…the hatred…the complexity…of this life…this life that each of us chooses to live in our own way with every breath…one choice always followed by another.

For some time now I have vowed to write on a regular basis…to give some permanency to my thoughts…not that mine are any better than yours…only different…in the hopes that my thoughts may spur you to think about your own. I am but a common man…vowing to live an uncommon life…with eyes wide open…and yes always on the tip of my tongue.

This writing will focus on three tenets that I believe are critical to our inner peace…which translates to our outer actions…that will allow us to bathe in the richness of our relationships…and experience the love of and for others as it was designed.

Think your own thoughts….

Tell the truth whenever you speak….

Embrace simplicity….

Whether you choose to join me on this journey is a decision only you can make…and is only important for you….not for me….as I choose to do this for my own pleasure….my own contentment….while George Winston softly tickles the keys and a vanilla candle flickers in the dim light of morning, I will write….and perhaps someone will read….and the reading will help them to think their own thoughts, tell the truth whenever they speak, and embrace simplicity.

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The common thread…


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  2. Matt Johnston

    Dave – I look forward to joining you on this thought-provoking journey.

    • admin

      It is an honor to have your thoughts intertwined with my thoughts Matt….the human condition is in dire need of big thinkers willing to act to help bring some normalcy back to our existence.

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